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Our online intelligence platform covers all HEBCI data with metrics available since 2004/05. An easy to navigate and intuitive web platform it allows all university users to rank, group and find trends instantly using insightful charts and graphs.

The University Business Intelligence Report is based on this data set, and provides further unique intelligence interpreting the results.

  • Year-to-Year Performance
  • Patents
  • Consultancy Income
  • Contract Research Income
  • Collaborative Research Income
  • Ranking Summaries
  • Year-to-Year best performers
  • Disclosures
  • Licences Granted
  • Facilities and Equipment Services Income
  • Spin Off Share Sales
  • Income Summaries
  • Performance Peers
  • Free Events Attendance
  • Chargeable Events Attendance
  • CPD Days
  • Spin Off Activity ++
  • HEIF allocations


Ranking Charts

For standard university groups or for self-defined groups you can quickly and easily display ranking charts showing your university's exact position within the group.

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Stacked Benchmarks

Stacked charts graphically show the category breakdown of each metric allowing you to further focus in on competitor performance per category.

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Rankings over time

How does you university rank over time, increasing or decreasing ranking? This can be easily displayed with three clicks.

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Values over time

You can quickly select any metric to view its value over time, including group averages of self-defined groups.

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.. and more

Across all metrics, ranking within groups or all universities, peer performers, Year-to-Year overall performance, income summaries, overall HE stats and more.. .

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